Make the Most of Winter Vegetables

We are so lucky in this country to have a year-round range of fresh-as-fresh vegetables available.

We are so lucky in this country to have a year-round range of fresh-as-fresh vegetables available. While imports and some modern production techniques mean that many fruits and vegetables are procurable – often at a price – all year, I always think that changing vegetables as the seasons change means that you have a continual freshen-up of what you are serving to the family. That way nobody can get bored about food.

Brussels sprouts are at their peak now and just the other day one of the team mentioned that she had lightly cooked some lovely fresh little sprouts with some pumpkin pieces in butter before stirring in some chopped sweet chestnuts. It made a tasty dish on its own and was a good accompaniment to a meat meal too.

Red cabbage is right in its season, too, and makes a nice change from traditional green cabbage. Try Bratwurst With Fennel And Red Cabbage or Red Cabbage and Walnut Coleslaw.

Chokos will be on the shelf this month – theirs is a relatively brief season, so use them in the next month or so. Chokos have a delicate flavour. A native of Central America, they are pear-shaped thought with a wrinkled pale green skin. Peel the larger chokos, half and remove the seeds. They need to be cooked for 15-20 minutes until tender.

Chokos have a delicate taste, so go well with stronger flavours. They can be stuffed with a savoury filling, added to casseroles and stir-fries, and they can also be pickled or used as a base for relishes.

Blue Cheese Clafoutis With Winter Vegetables is a delicious weekend meal. It uses leeks, broccoli, cauliflower and pumpkin…got to be good for you!

Honey Glazed Corned Beef With Winter Vegetables uses a medley of carrots, parsnips and swedes in a warming, easy, tasty dinner meal. In Roast Winter Vegetables With Miso, two varieties of Miso add a new dimension to a popular winter dish.

Roasted Butternut Wrapped In Prosciutto gives one of my favourite winter dishes a very special something.

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