Barbeque takes the boys back!

I often think that barbequing takes our boys back to the “hunt ‘em, club ‘em, shoulder ‘em home” part of their genetic make the days of the hunter-gatherer.

BBQ takes the boys back

I often think that barbequing takes our boys back to the “hunt ‘em, club ‘em, shoulder ‘em home” part of their genetic make the days of the hunter-gatherer. Just don’t expect them to do the dishes…Stone Age man only had to hunt, kill and butcher and it was fingers before forks time!

However, if it is a barbeque, the blokes consider it their bounden duty to gather around the heat source, be it gas, electric or charcoal, and to cook the meat which the little woman has usually marinated. This ritual usually includes a few cans and a lot of flipping and turning chops, steaks and sausages…try explaining that the meat should only be turned once and you’ll get a look that tells you to get back in the kitchen!

There are even barbequing competitions and championships, mostly in the USA – which won’t be a surprise – and there they really take it seriously. Here in New Zealand we’re a little more laid back about outdoors eating and it’s certainly a great way to cater over the summer holidays. Even if the weather isn’t marvellous, the barbeque can be outside and the food eaten indoors…after all, like on the golf course, it doesn’t rain on blokes who barbeque!

Seriously, though, barbeques during the holiday times are a great way of catering, especially if there is a big crowd, and the key is simplicity to make it fun for everyone, although there are lots of ways to “dolly up” the barbeque, so it can go from sausages in bread or buns wth tomato sauce, steak and onions and a green salad, lamb chops with mint sauce and salad to more exotic dishes like Warm Cervena And Blueberry Salad or Bbq West Indian Curry-spiced Pork Belly.

One of the eCook team came home from a trip to the South of the USA, raving about “Beer Can Chicken”…half a can of beer is inserted in the rear end of the chicken which has been rubbed with spices and herbs, and stood upright in the barbie for an hour or until tender. It was, she said, moist and delicious…and didn’t taste of beer!

The best and most simple accompaniment for me is Mum’s Diggers Coleslaw…basic, delicious and appreciated by generations of the local cricket club among others! Where Asian marinades have been used on the meat, try Asian Inspired Coleslaw.

Other accompaniments might be Coconut Rice instead of potatoes, Fresh Plum Sauce, Green Harissa, Red Harissa, Peanut Sauce or Guacamole Salsa.

Pork, venison, steak and lamb can be rubbed with Bbq Spice Rub or Spicy Barbeque Sauce before cooking to give an extra zing.

Those who don’t eat meat can be tempted to a barbeque with the likes of Roasted Pumpkin Burgers, Baked Summer Peppers or Barbecue Spring Vegetable and Couscous Salad with Pesto…and you can be sure the carnivores will want to try them, too.

Fish barbeques well; try Tabasco Salmon Kebabs, BBQ Hapuka with garlic butter and herbs, or Fish and Sweet Peppers on Bay.

Here are a few others of my favourite barbeque recipes for you to try these holidays: Herbed Stuffed Chicken Thighs, Sri Lankan Chargrilled Chicken, Bbq Steak with Avocado And Herb Sauce, Lamb Racks with Spiced Peanut and Lime CrustChicken Kebabs With Macadamia Nut Satay Sauce, Moroccan Spiced Beef Fillet With Quince Sauce.

So, fire up the barbie, let the boys loose and have a great holiday period.


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