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Casserole Cuts And Success Tips

Casserole Cuts And Success Tips

How to make sure your casseroles cut the mustard.



  1. Beef or veal thick flank, also known as round steak is most often sold for thinly-sliced schnitzels, but cut thick it makes an excellent casserole steak.
  2. Blade steak has a line of gristle through the meat that softens during cooking to a delicious texture. It is best braised in larger pieces.
  3. Beef chuck steak is lean and ideal for cutting into cubes for stews and curries.
  4. Brown meat well for casseroles to add flavour and colour.
  5. Cook casserole cuts at a medium-low temperature between 140°C or 160°C for a longer time to ensure moist and juicy meat.
  6. Do not over-cook casseroles as you can also dry out the meat, even though it is cooked in moisture
  7. If the meat is tender, but the liquid not thick and saucy enough, remove the meat and simmer liquids to reduce the sauce or thicken as required. Then return meat to the sauce.
  8. Season casseroles well with salt, pepper, herbs and spices and where possible use stock rather than water for best flavour.
  9. Keep a tight-fitting lid on the casserole, as this keeps in the steam, helping to soften the meat cuts.
  10. Pork meat from the shoulder makes excellent succulent casseroles, as do cuts from the leg, though these are more expensive.

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