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Pavlova’s And Meringues Methods

Pavlova’s And Meringues Methods

Meringue Is the firm crunchy confectionery made basically from egg whites and sugar and cooked until thoroughly dry. Meringues can include other ingredients such as ground nuts or flavourings like coffee. They can be individual sizes or in large thin rounds and layered with fillings to make elaborate desserts. Meringues are not new having been made in France since around 1700.Pavlova Is the large dessert cake that has a crispy outside crust and soft marshmallowy centre and is usually decorated with whipped cream and seasonal fruits. Pavlovas are relatively new in terms of culinary history having been made in Australia and New Zealand only this century.




  1. There are four basic methods of making a pavlova and each way has its own devotees. None are more correct then the other, and each has a slightly different finish. Its really up to you which way you prefer.
  2. Egg whites are beaten and the sugar is folded in (see the 6 egg white Pavlova).
  3. Egg whites are beaten and all the sugar is gradually beaten in (see Tui's Pavlova).
  4. Egg whites are beaten, and a portion of the sugar is beaten in then the reminder folded in (see Basic Pavlova).
  5. Egg whites and a quantity of water are beaten with the remaining ingredients until stiff (see Hot Water Pavlova).
  6. What is essential in all of these is that the egg whites are not over-beaten.


  1. There are three main ways to make meringues and each produces a different end product.
  2. Egg whites are beaten and a portion of sugar is beaten in, the rest folded. These are light crumbly meringues.

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