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Mint Julep

Mint Julep

You need copious quantities of mint for this and a sugar syrup base.


  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • Bourbon whiskey
  • 15-20 mint leaves per person
  • crushed ice
  • water or soda water


  1. In a saucepan, put the sugar and water and stir over a medium heat until dissolved. Bring to the boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Cool and refrigerate.
  2. Put 15-20 mint leaves and 3 tablespoons of the sugar syrup in the bottom of each tumbler. Pound together with the handle of a wooden spoon until they become a mild green colour and very sweet smelling. Add a good dash of boubon and fill the glass up with crushed ice and a drop of water or soda water. Garnish with a lemon slice.

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