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Glace Fruit And Cream Tarts

  • 15 minutes
  • Makes 12-16
Glace Fruit And Cream Tarts

These elegant looking mini tarts can be whipped up with a few pre-purchased ingredients in next to no time. Perfect for a special afternoon tea or to finish a lunch with friends or family.


  • 12-16 petit four sweet tarts (pre cooked)
  • ½ cup cream
  • 2 tblsp your favourite liqueur or Brandy
  • ¼ cup spreadable cream cheese or mascarpone
  • glace fruits to decorate


  1. Whip the cream with the liqueur until thick, then fold in the cream cheese or mascarpone.
  2. Fill each tartlet with a little of the cream mixture.
  3. Cut glace fruit into thin slices and use to decorate the tarts. The tarts are best served within a couple of hours of being made. Keep well covered in a cool place or the refrigerator until required.

Cooks Tips

Petit four tarts are available from most good supermarkets or delicatessens.

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