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Creamy Plum Tart

  • 6-8
Creamy Plum Tart

Tempt the taste buds with this dessert with plums buried in a creamy mixture that's not too sweet.


  • 1 sheet frozen sweet short pastry, defrosted
  • 250 gram tub sour cream or light sour cream
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tblsp castor sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 6 ripe plums halved and stoned
  • ground cinnamon or allspice


  1. Roll the pastry out large enough to line the base and sides of a 20 cm loose-bottom flan tin. Bake blind at 180°C for 15 minutes or until the edges are lightly browned and the pastry cooked. Remove the baking blind material.


  1. Beat the sour cream, eggs, sugar and vanilla essence together. Pour into the pastry lined flan.
  2. Arrange the plums cut side up in the filling and sprinkle with cinnamon or allspice to garnish.
  3. Bake at 180°C for 40-50 minutes. Dust with icing sugar before serving.

Cooks Tips

- A 400 gram tin of fruit halves, well drained, can be substituted for fresh fruit. Apricots and plums are best. - To make individual tarts you will need 2 sheets of pastry cut to fit 4 x 10cm flan tins. - Bake blind as above and when filled with cream and plums, cook for 15-20 minutes until the cream filling has set.

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