Aunt Daisy

Why is my Mud Cake like a gravel - the recipe said mix, but did they mean fold?
Why is Gran's cake moist even when old?
The pasta's all dente, but the gnocchi's like mush
Did it all go wrong 'cause I'd been in a rush?

Maybe yes, though maybe no,
Aunt Daisy's the place where cook's secrets are told.
Any queries I'll take, just email me here,
And I'll do my best to make instructions more clear.

At Aunt Daisy's each week, culinary knowledge I'll add,
how to bone, how to smoke, how to season a tad.
So master cooks you can be, in no time at all,
Receiving prise for your cooking form family and all!

  • When boiling corn on the cob, try adding a pinch of sugar. It will help bring out the corn's natural sweetness!

  • Try eating red and green peppers when you’re fighting a cold. They’re packed with Vitamin C.

  • If you like your garlic sweet rather than strong, try cooking it a little longer.

  • If you like things hot, remember... the smaller, darker and more pointed a chilli is, the hotter it is.

  • Try adding flavour to a salad by rubbing halved garlic cloves around the inside of the salad bowl.

  • To easily remove the white membrane when peeling an orange, try soaking it unpeeled in boiling water for 5 minutes.

  • Try eating passionfruit before you go to sleep, they have a calming effect on your body.

  • To keep cut apple slices from turning brown, try sprinkling them with a little lemon juice.

  • Try bending the leaf of a pineapple. If it snaps, then you know it’s ripe.

  • Try tapping a watermelon. If it’s ripe it will sound hollow.

  • - Serve it alongside your favourite tart, especially ones that have a sharpness to them, such as lemon tart. - Spread it on toasted fruit bread, bagels or a warm croissants with jam or marmalade. - Splash out and make a tiramisu. - Add grated lemon or lime rind to mascarpone and sweeten with icing sugar. Serve with tropical fruit. - Use in a baked cheesecake for a delicious melt-in-your-mouth texture. - In summer, serve it with icing sugar-dusted berries and shortbread thins for a simple and elegant dessert. - If you are make a special cheese tart or flan, use mascarpone for a smoother texture.

  • To speed the ripening of kiwifruit, try placing them in a fruit bowl next to an apple.

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