Gone Nuts!

A number of nuts are prized for their flavour as oils, many of which will be stronger if the nuts have been toasted before pressing to obtain the oil.

Expensive nut oils include walnut, hazelnut, almond, and macadamia nut, all of which are usually cold pressed.

Less expensive nut oils such as peanut and coconut oil can be cold pressed or solvent extracted - these may be sub-labelled as refined oils.

Nut oils are more vulnerable to becoming oxidised or “off”, so once opened they should be kept refrigerated. They are also affected by light and heat, so look for nut oils sold in coloured bottles and check the long expiry date as this is a marker of freshness for you.

Due to their cost, use sparingly where flavour matters.

Gone Nuts!

Types and Best Uses:

Almond oil is sweet and light in colour. It does not have a strong almond flavour at all and will not loose as much flavour when heated. Try drizzled over delicate seafood or grilled chicken.

Coconut oil is ideal for tropical and Thai cooking, where dishes call for corresponding ingredients such as coconut milk or cream.

Peanut oil is very “peanuty” in flavour , so it’s fabulous in Chinese cookery.

Hazelnut oil is a deep russet colour with an almost overpowering hazelnut aroma, though it will lose its flavour when heated highly. Ideal for baking, and dressing both sweet and savoury salads.

Macadamia nut oil is wonderful and powerful and is super for baking, making dressings or drizzling over chicken or fish.

Walnut oil is rich in flavor and a gorgeous deep honey colour and ideal for baking as in our biscuits.

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